Supporting the Project

The Galant Masters Project has been established as an independent and self-funding project. There are a number of ways in which you can support our work.

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Commission a rediscovery

Our primary source of funding is commission fees for our editions. Similar to commissioning a new work from a living composer, ensembles funding one or more of our editions are recognized in the scores and have the right to the modern premiere performance. This is a unique way to commemorate an event or memorialize a loved one and allows ensemble members to take an active and exciting role in the preservation of our musical heritage.

To learn more or begin discussing options, please contact Tom Tropp at

Perform Our Music

Our reason for publishing this music is to return it to its rightful place in the literature. As such, the easiest way to support our research is to purchase and perform our editions. Scores and performing materials are available directly through this website, as well as through all major sheet music distributors.

Subscribe To Our Publications

We offer a broad range of subscription and standing order programs to allow inclusion of our editions and recordings in music libraries, as well as to give ensemble conductors a resource for programing our works. Electronically delivered perusal subscriptions for singers and conductors start at only $25 per year, and full library subscriptions represent a significant discount to the cost of purchasing individual scores.

Subscriptions may be ordered on this website or by completing and submitting this form.


The Galant Masters Project is being conducted under the auspices of the Chicago Galant Consort, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation and IRS-approved 501c3 charity. Contributions, large or small, are greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Please click here to learn of specific sponsorship opportunities.